Once Upon a Time, episode 6.8


"My old pal's moved on."

"Genie. He's gone."

"It's okay, he's free now."

Once Upon a Time, episode 6.7

Spot the pirate:

"What kind of potion is that?"

"It's not a potion, it's water."

"Ah, I knew it. Never trusted the stuff. Rum would never do that."

A Song for Summer


Finished this at 5:30am, could not put it down.

It's been some time since a book has done that to me, and I admit I did not expect it from this one.

(The Book Depository)

Critical Role, episode 89: Curious Tides


And do you know that her and Vax are twin brother and sister?

I could tell by the bone structure and the contempt.

Iron Fist Trailer


Claire Temple (Roasrio Dawson) is my favourite thing about all of these shows.

Sherlock: The Lying Detective


I've had two nightmares about serial killers this week. Don't think it's really related. But mainly I'm wondering, was that bit about the orangutan betwixt Sherlock and Watson a reference to Poe's detective (and Sherlock's predecessor), C. Auguste Dupin, and 'The Murders in the Rue Morgue'? 

Carrie and Leia


I didn't say anything about Carrie Fisher before because I didn't know what to say.

Princess Leia is one of my heroes but I loved General Leia. I never put the words together to explain why.

Anne has and I just found them:

Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio


I love this!

"You're a little wet."

"I prefer 'mild mannered'."

The Secret Countess, chapter 10


And so they played some of the world's loveliest piano music - the exiled homesick girl, the humiliated of man. Not properly. Better than that.

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National Book Tokens Hidden Book Game


I'm supposed to be writing today, so of course I'm doing anything but.

Took a swing at the National Book Tokens Hidden Book Game, some puzzling, more Googling. And I have the answers. I won't tell you where they belong; it's fairly obvious once you see them.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea | A Passage to India | Alice's Adventures in Wonderland | Animal Farm | Bring Up the Bodies | East of Eden | Fear and Loathing on Las Vegas | Labyrinth | Long Walk to Freedom | Me Before You | Midnight's Children | Noughts and Crosses | Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha | The BFG | The Girl on the Train | The Green Road | The Help | The Trouble with Goats and Sheep | Three Men in a Boat | Valley of the Dolls